Nancy Bean's Main Issues

Nancy Bean is your neighbor with the compassion, conviction, and courage to fight for YOU and your family. Nancy Bean is a native Texan, the granddaughter of dustbowl farmers and a public educator with a proven record of fighting for families and children.

Send Nancy Bean to Austin to fight for YOU and your family.

Good Government is how we translate loving our neighbor into action.

Quality Public Education

Public schools are under attack from extremists in the Texas Legislature, who would replace community schools with Private School Vouchers and Corporate Charter Schools. I will fight for full funding for Public Education, including universal pre-kindergarten and post-secondary/technical/career training. I will work to reduce high-stakes testing and to re-establish the respect and credibility of the teaching profession.

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Dignity of Work and Wages

I will fight for a living minimum wage of at least $15 hourly because no one in Texas should work full time and still live in poverty. I will fight for equal pay for equal work because the inequality that women face is a disgrace. I will fight for Worker’s Compensation as a requirement because Texas is the only state where injuries on the job are NOT covered. I will fight for enforcement of Contract Labor laws, and for the right of workers to organize and bargain.

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Access to Healthcare

I will fight for expanded and improved Medicare for ALL because healthcare should be a right, and sickness should not be a market commodity. I will fight to ensure healthcare decisions are made by families with their physicians and NOT by politicians and CEOs.

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